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A Bit About Me

My name is Chris Kitley and I’m the owner and operator of AG Chocolates.

I started out making chocolates and other deserts with my aunt when I was a kid.  I always found that I was drawn to the challenge of making chocolates, as you can mess up chocolates pretty easily!   I took my passion and ran with it, educating myself at a Chocolatiering schools all over the country.  From here at home in Michigan to New York, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Francisco; I’ve tried to soak up all the chocolate knowledge I can.

AG chocolates is here to serve any of our customers chocolate needs.  We’re here for your party favors, chocolate fountains, traditional chocolate flavors to specific recommendations.  I’ve had experience in catering nearly all types of events.

My primary focus is on making my customers happy with the power of premium quality chocolates.  I fell in love with the art of chocolate making years ago and I put my heart into every piece that leaves my kitchen.

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